Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Wool Festival Report

Well how wrong can one get it. My super organised way of life led me to believe that the festival was held over 2 days the weekend I presumed "how dare I". Well my presumptions were treated as most should with a big slap as when I eventually arrived at 1.00pm on the Saturday I learned within 10 mins of being there that I had indeed got it all wrong and it was as my dear mother had suggested to me held on the Friday and the Saturday. SHOCK HORROR.

So the rest of the afternoon became a mad dash for us all searching for the various items that we had led ourselves to believe would be simple to find and those which were for friends and those for the shop and so forth, so it was not the planned expedition but a different one with a day off after. This was great, a day for mooching around Keswick and all it had to offer such a beautiful town centre and so so many people with dogs I have never seen so many people with their dogs and all so well behaved.

So my reporting on the festival is very short with very little interesting topics to mention so I guess I have to wait until next year. What a silly sausage.

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