Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Spinning & Dyeing

Hi folks, its taken a while but, the results are very satisfying indeed.
Hand dying and spinning is what I could seriously spend the next decade doing.
Have a look at a few of the results and see for yourself. I am including some pics of the yarn I spun undyed and later the ones I have dyed using acid dyes and some are natural dyes, I had the most amazing results from using daffodil heads! yeah real Daffodils.
Its best to dead head daffodils anyway so from now on keep them and use them to dye your yarn its great makes the most beautiful yellow ever.
I am a total newcomer to all of this and if I can achieve these results so can you.
If you would like some details on how to, send an email to and request info on spinning and dyeing its basic but it works.

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