Monday, 27 April 2009

Wow we are all moved and almost back to a new normal.

I love the feeling of having everything new a new bedroom, new place to park the car, walk the dogs, do the dishes, take a bath, drive to work, shops to visit, everything is different its great.

So with the emphasis on new whats new, and with the shop in mind I am so excited to tell you we have just taken delivery of 10kg of merino woolen tops all ready for dying and this is my weekends adventure weather permitting that is.

I am hopeful of a sunny weekend so I can put the massive trampoline we have to good use (drying yarn) and yards of it.

Trampolines are fantastic for drying woolens give it a go next time you have to dry something that needs a bit of extra loving care. Place on a dry towel on the trampoline, shape and wait, best done on a sunny day with not to much of a breeze.

That's what i am hoping for this weekend.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Hi all fellow bloggers I have been up to my eyes lately with a house move kids on holls and loads of stock arriving at the shop its crazy.
I will get on again soon to post some of the latest arrivals talking of which how could i forget the most important of recent events, my beautiful sister Wendy has just given birth to her new baby daughter "Martha Darling" and what a darling she is. Born on the 30th of March and weighing in at a wopping 8lbs 15oz wow she is gorgeous.