Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Wool Festival Report

Well how wrong can one get it. My super organised way of life led me to believe that the festival was held over 2 days the weekend I presumed "how dare I". Well my presumptions were treated as most should with a big slap as when I eventually arrived at 1.00pm on the Saturday I learned within 10 mins of being there that I had indeed got it all wrong and it was as my dear mother had suggested to me held on the Friday and the Saturday. SHOCK HORROR.

So the rest of the afternoon became a mad dash for us all searching for the various items that we had led ourselves to believe would be simple to find and those which were for friends and those for the shop and so forth, so it was not the planned expedition but a different one with a day off after. This was great, a day for mooching around Keswick and all it had to offer such a beautiful town centre and so so many people with dogs I have never seen so many people with their dogs and all so well behaved.

So my reporting on the festival is very short with very little interesting topics to mention so I guess I have to wait until next year. What a silly sausage.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Its so exciting we are off to the Wool Festival this weekend in Cockermouth. What more could a girl ask for, kids being looked after by Nanny Sue shop by Janice and a car full of girlies, off on a road trip to destination "wool heaven" cant wait. Will keep you posted on all thats new and exciting and lots of pics too of course. You can always check it out for yourself or go online and google wool festival cockermouth or www.woolclip.com .

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Spinning & Dyeing

Hi folks, its taken a while but, the results are very satisfying indeed.
Hand dying and spinning is what I could seriously spend the next decade doing.
Have a look at a few of the results and see for yourself. I am including some pics of the yarn I spun undyed and later the ones I have dyed using acid dyes and some are natural dyes, I had the most amazing results from using daffodil heads! yeah real Daffodils.
Its best to dead head daffodils anyway so from now on keep them and use them to dye your yarn its great makes the most beautiful yellow ever.
I am a total newcomer to all of this and if I can achieve these results so can you.
If you would like some details on how to, send an email to sarah@threebagswool.co.uk and request info on spinning and dyeing its basic but it works.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Wow we are all moved and almost back to a new normal.

I love the feeling of having everything new a new bedroom, new place to park the car, walk the dogs, do the dishes, take a bath, drive to work, shops to visit, everything is different its great.

So with the emphasis on new whats new, and with the shop in mind I am so excited to tell you we have just taken delivery of 10kg of merino woolen tops all ready for dying and this is my weekends adventure weather permitting that is.

I am hopeful of a sunny weekend so I can put the massive trampoline we have to good use (drying yarn) and yards of it.

Trampolines are fantastic for drying woolens give it a go next time you have to dry something that needs a bit of extra loving care. Place on a dry towel on the trampoline, shape and wait, best done on a sunny day with not to much of a breeze.

That's what i am hoping for this weekend.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Hi all fellow bloggers I have been up to my eyes lately with a house move kids on holls and loads of stock arriving at the shop its crazy.
I will get on again soon to post some of the latest arrivals talking of which how could i forget the most important of recent events, my beautiful sister Wendy has just given birth to her new baby daughter "Martha Darling" and what a darling she is. Born on the 30th of March and weighing in at a wopping 8lbs 15oz wow she is gorgeous.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Perfect for Spring this Little Lamb makes you think of all the sweet people in your life who deserve to be spoilt a little this Easter.
Go on invite a few friends and family over and have a great Easter with these cute lambs and bunnies you will have it sorted for gifts as no one will complain about messy choclolate eggs and high calories.

Available at threebagswool just call me on the number at bottom of page.

Another fabby jacket in blue parrot colours, I just love it, so nice and cheerie for little ones to wear. For more colours check out the web page www.threebagswool.co.uk and look in products yarn colinette and then point 5 here you will see the beautiful colours close up. Enjoy.

Thursday, 19 March 2009


This is my puppy George he was just 7 weeks old here, his mum Lucy is 8 now and hiding in the backround.
Here are a few sweet ideas for the wee ones. You will find some of the patterns for our knits in the following web page.

All of their patterns are free to print off and I stock the yarn of course.

Take a wee look it costs nothing but a bit of time and its one of my favourite rainy day pastimes as looking at patterns and deciding on your next venture is always fun.

http://www.garnstudio.com/ look for the drops yarns and then check out the patterns there are thousands to choose from from your children to toys teacozys and even some for your pet.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Hi everyone just a wee note to say I am amazed at the number of views I have had its great to know people are interested.

I wanted to let people know about my web site which is still in the making but getting there none the less and soon to have an online shop.

My telephone number is 07826847571 and I can take orders and process payment over the phone if anyone wishes to make an order.

Off now to see if my new photos have saved so that I can put them up for you to see.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my products.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Here are a few samples from the shop. The red Jacket is knitted in Colinettes point five colourway fire.from the jelly all stars book we altered the pattern to suit our customer.
The dress is knitted in Mira Sol Chirapa book three, the socks are knitted in fabel from scandinavia knitting designs to our own pattern, the felted scarf is by a local Aberlour designer and the felted flower is knitted and felted by my dear mother Dorothy. click on the photo for a close up view.

Hi all welcome to my blog space. This is my first ever post and I have to thank my friend eva from evelinawikberg.blogspot.com and her cutie little son Jed for getting me here.

I hope to be blogging most days to keep you all up to date with whats new in the shop whats on special offer and whats comming. There may be the odd ranting of a supermum from time to time also.
I have included a map of the area so you can see where we are.

Look forwards to meeting all of you crafty folks out there.